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Charles Villet
Africa – Educator
South Africa

South African-born Charles has been part of the wrestling family for 46 years, 38 of which as a referee. He is also an educator and an assistant instructor.

He was South Africa’s Chairperson for the National Referee Council.

He also proudly served at the Tournaments the few times he represented the UWW.

His most outstanding achievement – in his opinion – was his participation in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, but the Commonwealth Games and Senior World Championships were remarkable as well.

Vice – President
South-African Wrestling Federatio2019

South Africa

South Africa Referee Commission

South Africa

IS referee level
UWW Referee2015
Assistant Instructor, responsible for Africa
UWW Referee2016
Olympic Games in Rio
UWW Referee2016

Rio (BRA)

UWW academy2017
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