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Federacion Española de Lucha concludes two year UWW Grassroot Programme

Madrid, Spain (November ) – FELUCHA concludes UWW Grassroot Programme in favour of El Club de Luchas Olimpicas Power in Torredelcampo, Andalucia.
The club hosts over 150 children from 3 to over 14 years old on a weekly basis and thanks to the UWW Grassroot programme funding they promoted wrestling throughout the entire region to recruit more children and members to the club.

A variety of promotional activities took place between 2018 and 2019 in favour of the children and youth to practice various activities including wrestling. The programme was opened to all the youth and children, especially those from disadvantaged financial incomes. From swimming, hiking, wrestling training sessions took place. FEL President, Mr. Javier Iglesias SERNA said “ The aim of the joint initiative was to create a variety of transversal activities to engage the youth and children of this region. We want the future generation to feel considered and part of the wrestling family”.

Educational sessions were also given to the P.E. Teachers on techniques, nutrition, psychology while keeping the focus wrestling as a valuable educational tool.

“We are very happy and thrilled with the outcomes of such small initiatives. Federacion Espagnola de Lucha has been collaborating with UWW in the last years and is paving the way for the future generations of Spain. Now more than ever, we realise the importance of sport for all human beings, not only for the physical training but most importantly, the mental well-being.” said UWW Development Director Deqa Niamkey. “We want such initiatives within all our NF’s around the world as it is the first milestone to sports development from grassroots to elite.”

Federacion de Lucha Espagnola, President Mr. Serna commented “We thank UWW for its support with the Grassroot Programme- Sport for All project which has helped the development of the Olympic Wrestling in Spain. Spain is working on future projects in support of the base of the Olympic Wrestling with the creation of degrees to encourage young people and the help of sports equipment to clubs, with the support of the base we guarantee better training and greater opportunities for young people can reach technification with better training. 

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