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Performance Analysis for UWW Competitions


Wrestling, one of the oldest sports in the world, is actively embracing the digital era and adopts the latest big data technology to improve sport performance and enhance the planning of specific training.

Bearing this in mind, the “Performance Data Analysis” (PDA) was born thanks to the excellent teamwork carried out by experts in the fields of wrestling and information technology. The PDA is a quality data-analysis system created using the Microsoft Power BI system, which monitors entire wrestling competitions and generates statistical analysis reports based on important, pre-set parameters.

The analysis is centred on points won based on wrestling techniques (Technical Points – TP) and other points which are not the results of wrestling techniques, but points obtained for passive or negative wrestling, step out, caution and challenge (Other Points – OP). Other key elements, such as weight categories, countries, medal winners, the time of scoring, etc., are also taken into consideration to further examine and assess the matches. The captured data information is then processed by the software and visual presentations such as graphs and tables to show patterns and relationships, are generated.

PDA in Wrestling is an innovative approach which enables us to merge technology, quantitative data analysis and entertainment, with the aim of enriching the sports experience and bringing benefits to different stakeholders in the sport of wrestling.

Coaches, Athletes and Referees: The PDA collects and analyses large amount of data and extracts information useful for the personnel directly involved in the matches. After each major competition, coaches, wrestlers and referees will have a clear overview of all the techniques performed in the competition. Based on this information, coaches can examine the results of their athletes and opponents and improve their current training plan; and referees can have a better understanding on how matches were won and improve the accuracy of their judgment for future games.

Other Key Stakeholders: In addition, the PDA statistics provides additional information that assists the UWW Technical Commission in making wise and informed decisions, such as changing the wrestling rules. The data collected also helps significantly reduce the time needed for scientific research in wrestling; and ensure an on-time news delivery which captures the interests of wrestling fans and maximize the return in investment.

Since 2020, United World Wrestling has recorded every major competition (World Championships, Continental Championships, Olympic Qualifiers and Ranking Series Tournaments) and worked with experts in different fields, providing quality data on all segments of wrestling competitions to the key stakeholders.

Performance Analysis Reports 2021 and onward

Performance Analysis Reports from 2019 -2020

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